About the symposium

The Brazilian Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry, whose acronym is BrazMedChem was held for the first time in 2001 in the city of Caxambu - MG, chaired by Prof. Dr. Carlos Montanari. Born to be an international symposium on medicinal chemistry not by choice but by due to its universalistic option in nature.

The BrazMedChem2004 was held in Rio de Janeiro, under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Jose Daniel Figueroa Villar. The BrazMedChem2004 was held to reach great success for the Brazilian Medicinal Chemistry. During this event, a group of people created the Historic BrazMedChem Advisory Committee aiming at the disclosure of information, motivation and education of Brazilian students to encompass the evolution of several different characteristics inherent to this science. It is based on chemistry and has a strong vocation for innovation, discovery and development of new drugs useful to treat diseases that have burdened humanity for centuries.

This group aims to provide a forum for active discussion about the medicinal chemistry and find ways to contribute to the development of pharmacotherapy in Brazil.

The unprecedented success of the BrazMedChem2006, chaired by Prof. Dr. Glaucius Oliva, set the BrazMedChem to international scenario with a fabulous cast of worldwide renowned research scientists. Click BrazMedChem2006 to see the list of invitees.

The BrazMedChem2008 is once again committed to bring science and technology to brazilian life by offering you another unforgettable meeting. Please, go through the BrazMedChem2008 homepage and enjoy carefully what we expect from this event. Come and join us.


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