Prize awards

Best poster of 2008

As is the case at each Symposium, prizes will be awarded for three best posters. Too, submit your work to be considered for the BrazMedChem2008 special session chair.

BrazMedChem prize award to motivate medicinal chemistry research

1. The BrazMedChem2008 will offer, for the first time, prize awards for three Brazilian researchers, whose activities in the field of medicinal chemistry are well recognized;

2. The winners are selected from a poll of nominees. The selected award nominees will get commemorative plaques;

3. The winners will be publicly announced during a special session of the BrazMedChem2008;

4. The criteria for being nominated to receive an award will be:

Senior researcher. The winner: Eliezer Barreiro.
       (a) Outstanding research work
       (b) Skills of impact and influence in the field
       (c) Excellence in teaching and training students

Cutting-edge researcher. The winner: Antonia do Amaral.
       (a) Unquestionable contribution for the development of the Brazilian medicinal chemistry

Young talent. The winner: Adriano Andricopulo.
       (a) A short history of merit in innovative research and teaching in medicinal chemistry

5. You may nominate three for the BrazMedChem awards;

6. The BrazMedChem election pool is for providing vote counts poll surveys for the 2008 nomination only. No more than participants attending the BrazMedChem2008 along with members of the Division of Medicinal Chemistry of the Brazilian Chemical Society are allowed to vote;

7. August 3, 2008 is the limit date for your vote.

8. The BrazMedChem prize award nomination can be posted at Write BRAZMEDCHEM PRIZE AWARD as subject.

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