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Official Portal of Tourism of Porto de Galinhas


     BUGUE - The bugues are the means of transport official in Porto. They are the times of taxi rides and lead to the largest region. The routes vary, but the most common are those that run north and the south coast and last almost all day. In the first case, passing up the beaches of Serrambi, the Cacimbas and Maracaípe, among others. In the opposite direction is the time to visit the Coral Ensenada, Pedra do Xaréu and Galhetas. - The official point of bugueiros is in av. Beira-Mar, 3552-1930.

     RAFTS BY MARACAÍPE RIVER - During a time you enter the mangroves and watch closely horse-marine and crabs. - Output of the Pontal de Maracaípe, 4 km from the centre.

     ISLAND OF SAINT ALEIXO - At a time of trawler of the continent, is a true paradise particular, with two deserted beaches and natural pools. - The Port Point organizes the tour: av. Beira-Mar, s/n°, 3552-1111.

     SWIMMING NATURAL POOLS - The classic of classics. Once you wake up, go to the cabin of the jangadeiros, in the main square, to give the board the tides. The tour only happens at low tide, and therefore the times vary. Lasts about an hour and the price includes mask and snorkel. The fish come eat at hand.


     BEIJUPIRÁ - Octopus cooked with curry and coconut milk from. Shrimps with honey, ingenuity, passion fruit and rice. Fish scented with cinnamon and banana. Everything here is exotic and very good. To complete the atmosphere, is a charm only, all decorated with colorful objects. - Rua Beijupirá, s/nº, quadra 9, lote A, 3552-2354. - 12h/0h. Cc: everyone.

     PEIXE NA TELHA - Located in the beach sand in their specialty, of course, is the fish that gave its name to the house. He is grilled and then roasted in the roof of clay, to be served with sauce, vegetables and rice. - Av. Beira-Mar, s/nº, 3552-1323. 8h/last client. Cc: everyone.

     PICANHA DO TIO DADÁ - When you are tired of fish and seafood. - Rua da Esperança, 167, 3552-1319. 11h/0h. Cc: everyone.

     SPIAGGIA - Serve dishes of northern Italy, with emphasis on risotos and stuffed pasta. - Merepe 1, quadra 2, 3552-1556. 19h/last client (Mon-Sat.). Cc: all


     BARCAXEIRA - This mix of bar and restaurant has the expertise to macaxeira, served with or without catupiry, pure or to accompany meat and seafood. Live music. - Rua da Esperança, 458. 3552-1913. 17h/23h (mon. and tue.); 12h/0h (wed. to sun.); Cc: Ae, D, Mc.

     BIROSCA DA CACHAÇA - The address more lively the beach. The night gets more light, with people sitting, chatting and playing with board games. After midnight the chairs are being remote and the people falls in the dance. It has more than 250 types of cachaça. - Rua Beijupirá, 5, 3552-2729. 20h/last client (tue. to sun.). Cc: Mc.

     FITEIRO - Affiliate of the famous bar of Recife, follows the same line, with good chope and great snacks. - Rua Beijupirá, s/n°, 3552-2916. 12h/last client. Cc: Mc, V.

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