Porto de Galinhas

Presenting Porto de Galinhas

     The beach of Porto de Galinhas was selected in the last 7 consecutive years as the best beach in Brazil by poll of the magazine Viagem e Turismo (Ed. November/2007). There is a reason for Porto de Galinhas was chosen the best beach of Brazil. Owner of beautiful beaches, surrounded by coconut trees and protected by reefs and natural pools wonderful, the city still brings the joy, culture and charm that only the miscegenation of the Brazilian people can group tao well.

     Located 60km from Recife, in the municipality of Ipojuca, the district of Porto de Galinhas became one of the most sought destinations in Brazil. The landscape of its ten paradisiacal beaches and the sun this the whole year make this place an ideal destination for those who want to relax or play sports as diving and surfing.

     The beaches of Porto de Galinhas usually transparent and calm waters, coconut trees and fine sand and clear. The formation of natural pools on the beaches is the best option for a bath in the sea calm, especially for children, who are in the waters several species of colorful fish.

     The lovers of sports such as surfing, windsurfing and scuba diving are also perfect places there. Another attraction in Porto de Galinhas are mangroves, which make up almost 60km of vegetation on the beaches of the Pontal de Maracaípe and Camboa. The trips by mangroves may be made on foot or in rafts and the local guides. There species can be seen as siris, oysters and crabs.
Who comes to the region soon hear speak also of baobá giant. This is a tree with more than 400 years, located in the district of Our Lady of O. The baobá was planted by slaves and its trunk is so thick that 20 people are needed to achieve embrace it.
From September to March the stars of Porto de Galinhas are the marine turtles. The species come to the region for spawning and the nests are located between the region of the Pontal de Maracaípe and beach of Muro Alto. In each nest eggs are deposited approximately 120 and the birth of pups happens at night.

     Apart from the attractions of the day, Porto de Galinhas is pure charm also in the evening. One of the most visited is the "Vila de Todos os Santos" (Town of All Saints), important gastronomic located on the beach of Maracaípe. There are the best options for those who do not dispense the proper cooking. To dance, a hint is the nightclubs and bars of Porto de Galinhas, which usually have bands playing live.

Data from the city Porto de Galinhas (district of Ipojuca)

State: Pernambuco
Region: Northeast
Population (Ipojuca): 59,281 inhabitants
DDD: (81)

Recife: 70km
Ipojuca: 19km
Cabo de Santo Agostinho: 38km
Caruaru: 173km


Average temperature in November

Air: 29°C

Water: 27°C

     The climate in Porto de Galinhas is warm almost all year round, with temperatures ranging between 24°C and 32°C.

     Apart from the natural beauty, Porto de Galinhas account with a major ally: the climate. During much of the year, the strong sun is always present. Unlike other regions of the country, where much courage is needed to make a simple bath of sea and face low temperatures, the tourist here has natural pools that offer warm water and calm. When the summer cede space to the other seasons of the year, no problem. Even with a lower intensity, the sun still there, guaranteeing a great and fun stay for the visitor.


     In the sixteenth century, after the discovery and commencement of the Portuguese colonization of Brazil, the region now called Porto de Galinhas was widely used for extraction and shipment of Pau-Brazil for Portugal by physical characteristics of a natural port. In the eighteenth century was responsible for the production and export of sugar to Europe. It was known as Puerto Rico.

     During the period of the slave trade, especially from 1850, when this activity was prohibited, Puerto Rico now also being used to disembark contrabandeados slaves from Africa, hidden under crates of chickens d'Angola. The arrival of them was announced by the password "There are new chicken at the port". Gradually the region came to be called the "Port of chickens". Today the name of Porto de Galinhas is consolidated and known internationally.

Lodging / Restaurants

     Who arrives in Porto de Galinhas can choose from a simple inn or a luxury resort. The options are quite varied - some in the seaside, other more remote. Cabins rustic, exotic bungalows, sauna, large pools, bars and marina are part of the attractions of the establishments. In any one of them, however, you can enjoy the natural beauty, the friendliness of the people pernambucano and tasty menu of local gastronomy. The restaurants and bars of Porto de Galinhas are also prepared to offer the most tasty dishes made with seafood, from the traditional fried fish to mixtures of lobster and shrimp with tropical fruits. Try!

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