Short-Courses: The medicinal chemistry of therapeutic agents

Pharmacological effects. Targets. Essays biological. Structure-activity relationships.

Short-Course 1. Medicinal chemistry: from genes to drugs Professor Igor Polikarpov, Instituto de Física de São Carlos e Dr. Andrei Leitão, University of New Mexico

Short-Course 2. Medicinal chemistry of anti-inflammatory drugs Professor Fernando Cunha, Universidade de São Paulo – Brasil

Short-Course 3. Medicinal chemistry of antimalarials Professor José Daniel Figueroa Villar, Instituto Militar de Engenharia – Brasil

Short-Course 4. Medicinal chemistry of trypanocide agents Professor Julio Urbina, Instituto Venezoelano de Investigaciones Científicas, Venezuela

The short-courses will be offered at appropriate levels to meet the different interests of the community of Brazilian medicinal chemists. Undergrad Students and post-grad students are the target-audience.

The short-courses will be taught in Portuguese.

Specialists in each of the selected areas will be available and prepared to deliver basic and advanced instructions in their respective areas of expertise.

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