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The BrazMedChem

Dear colleagues, the Brazilian Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry (BrazMedChem20010) will take place in the historical city of Ouro Preto-MG at Parque Metalurgico, from 6 to 9 November, 2010.

This is the fifth edition of an event for students, post-doctoral fellows and scientists.

Based on historical trends, we can say that this will be an edition crowned with success and that many brazilians and foreigners will participate.

We are expecting ca. 500 participants for this time.

In Porto de Galinhas, the BrazMedChem2008 gathered more than 750 attendees!

As in the previous editions, this is a scientific event of international abrangency, which has the main objective of joining Brazilian Medicinal Chemists to the state-of-the-art of the discovery/development of new drugs.

It is an event that has the support of the Division of Medicinal Chemistry (MD) of the Brazilian Chemical Society (SBQ).

Since the establishment of the Brazilian Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry in 2001 (BrazMedChem2001), it has been prone to achieve understanding and gather true information that leads to knowledge.

The BrazMedChem2010 will have the participation of renowned Brazilian and Foreign scientists specialized in areas already enlightened in the Symposium: Molecular Design, Structure-Activity Relationships, and Medicinal Chemistry of Natural Products.

The vocational guidance for students associated with the scientific development and with a view on technological innovation will continue in this edition of the BrazMedChem.

The Brazilian Medicinal Chemistry has been strengthening over the years thanks to many activities related to the development of pharmacotherapy.

The central theme of the BrazMedChem2010 will be "2010: ten years of BrazMedChem recognizes a century of Chagas´disease: CONFRONTING THE CHALLENGES OF NEGLECTED TROPICAL DISEASES RESEARCH".

In this new edition of the BrazMedChem we will continue to offer short-courses to undergraduate and graduate students.

These short-courses will focus on synthesis, pharmacological effects, chemical classes, targets, biological screening and structure-activity relationships.

We want to innovate again by offering the first joint DNDi (Drugs for Neglected Diseases)/BrazMedChem Lead Optimization Workshop.

The BrazMedChem2010 Organizing Committee is once again prone to the financing commitment to deliver an unforgettable event to the utmost interest of Brazilian pharmacotherapy aiming at improving human health.

This is an itinerant event. The first three editions took place in the Southeast area of Brazil. The fourth edition took place in the Northeast. Now, we come back to the Southeast region of Brazil to the pleasant city of Ouro Preto.

Once again, we rely on your participation. Come to the BrazMedChem2010. Come to historical Ouro Preto and deliver the most of the Brazilian Medicinal Chemistry!

We look forward to welcoming you as a special attendee at our BrazMedChem2010 edition!

The Organizing Committee.


The objectives of the BrazMedChem2010 are to provide a scientific atmosphere strong enough to stimulate and develop the science of medicinal chemistry. The challenge of continuous learning and meeting the cooperation between the Brazilian and Foreign Scientists through associations/collaborations is fundamental to our proposal.

Actions of BrazMedChem for the implementation of these goals are:
1. Organization of the biannual Symposium;
2. Exchange of experiences, information and encouragement in the discussions related to all aspects of modern medicinal chemistry;
3. Establishment of working groups to study the issues related to medicinal chemistry and their interfaces;
4. The offering of short-courses intended for the understanding of the pharmacological effects, chemical structures, targets and sites of action; biological tests to obtain appropriate data on structure–activity relationships (SAR);
5. Creating and offering the BrazMedChem senior and young age talented but mature scientist awards to encourage researchers in medicinal chemistry science. 6. In 2010, to offer an award to undergrad students who are beginners in science. This is a joint event of Pfizer and BrazMedChem2010.

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