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Prize awards


In the edition of 2010, the BrazMedChem has innovated again to create a session called OPEN MIKE SESSION that is directly integrated into the plenary lectures. The main objective is to offer the selected speakers an opportunity to share their work with senior researchers. However, as previously reported, the number of outstanding works, worthy of being part of the final program within the OPEN MIKE SESSION presentation, at far surpassed the number available in the scientific program. Therefore, the Organizing Committee of the BrazMedChem2010 reiterates greetings to all nominees and congratulates those selected to represent this group of excellent works. Congratulations to all.

Best poster and Open Mike Session

The best three posters will get a prize. Subscribe your work.

Some of the best abstracts submitted to the BrazMedChem2010 will be rewarded with oral presentations. Nominations will be held by ad hoc reviewers and confirmed by the Scientific Committee.


Due to the large number of papers submitted to the BrazMedChem2010 with high scientific quality, many (above the availability number of the scientific program) were listed for oral presentation. Therefore, these works are still under evaluation for the selection of the best five that will make the final BrazMedChem2010 program. Congratulations to you all.

BrazMedChem Incentive Award for Research in Medicinal Chemistry

The BrazMedChem2010 offer prizes to the three Brazilian researchers with more emphasis on the scientific area of medicinal chemistry.

1.Commemorative plaques will be offered to the selected researchers;

2. Recipients will be publicly addressed in commemorative session;

3. The criteria used for selection of candidates for the award are:

Senior Researcher:


(a) Excellence in scientific research
(b) Impact and influence in the field of action
(c) Excellence in teaching and training students

Leading-edge Researcher:
(a) Unquestionable contribution to the development of Brazilian medicinal chemistry


Young talent:


(a) Outstanding work in medicinal chemistry represented by research and teaching.

4. Enter up to three names from the community of Brazilian medicinal chemistry meeting the above criteria;

5. Only participants duly registered in BrazMedChem2010 or members of the Division of Medicinal Chemistry of the Brazilian Chemical Society may make his/hers statements;

6. The deadline for nominations is July 31, 2010.

Send your suggestion to Write BrazMedChem PRIZE as subject.

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