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Previous Editions

2001: Caxambu - MG

New approaches in drug design

Several renowned scientists from this country and from abroad gathered in Caxambu-MG between the days 11 and 16 November 2001, with the aim of discuss the medicinal chemistry in a country with a thriving biodiversity. There were 125 participants, represented by 6% non-academic, 44% of students and 50% of graduate academics. A total of 115 scientific papers distributed as follows and areas: Perspectives in Drug Discovery and Design of Antiprotozoal Drugs, 21; Receptor-Based Prediction of Binding Affinities, 7; Applications of Multivariate QSAR, 35; Medicinal Chemistry of Natural Products, 23; Synthesis and Bioassay, 18, and Miscellaneous, 11 were presented during the poster sessions. Furthermore, there were still 17 plenary lectures and 9 oral presentations.


2004: Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Current Trends in Discovery and Drug Development


2006: Águas de São Pedro - SP

Recent Advances in Discovery and Drug Development

Held in San Pedro, at the farm "Fonte Colina Verde”, the event was very prestigious and was attended by Barry Sharpless, winner of the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 2001 who delivered a superb talking.


2008: Porto de Galinhas - PE

A multidisciplinary approach to science

Held in Porto de Galinhas, at the Hotel Summerville Beach Resort. The most successful event of all times. The BrazMedChem2010 gathered more than 750 people in the pleasant village of Porto de Galinhas. Superb people came to talk!


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