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Invited lectures

K. Barry Sharpless

"Recent Advances in Biomedicine Using Click Chemistry"

José Rodrigues Coura - "Chagas Disease and the Kiss of Death"

Bianca Zingales

"Chagas disease therapy: Gaps of knowledge and research priorities"

Milena Soares

"Therapeutic Strategies for Chagas Disease"

Adriano Andricopulo

"Medicinal Chemistry Approaches for Neglected Tropical Diseases"

Michael Gelb

"Anti-Parasite Drug Discovery in a University Environment"

Roberto Docampo

"Organelles Involved in Osmoregulation in Trypanosoma cruzi Provide a Number of Targets for Chemotherapy"

Juan Jose Cazzulo

"The M32 Metalloproteinases of Trypanosoma cruzi and Trypanosoma brucei: New Potential Targets for Chemotherapy"

Luiz Juliano

"Cysteine Proteases in Trypanosoma cruzi and Leishmania Mexicana: Catalytic Properties Studies for Inhibitor Developments"

Vanderlan Bolzani

"Will Natural Chemistry Diversity Continue to Inspire Medicinal Chemistry?"

Lucio Freitas-Junior

"Phenotypic assays for Neglected Diseases Drug Discovery"

Andrei Leitão

"Cell-Based Assays for Drug Discovery"

Peter W. Kenny

"Hydrogen Bonding and Molecular Design"

Antonia Tavares do Amaral

"Virtual Screening Search for Cruzain Inhibitors: Development and Experimental Validation"

Ernesto Freire

"Thermodynamic Rules for the Optimization of Drug Candidates"

John Ladbury

"Calorimetry as a tool for understanding biomolecular interactions and an aid to drug design"

Cristiano Guimarães

"The Many Contributions to Protein-Ligand Binding and Implications in Drug Design"

Gabriela Barreiro.

Schrodinger Special Session on Drug Discovery

"From Docking False-Positive to Active Anti-HIV Agent"

Josmar Rodrigues da Rocha.

Schrodinger Special Session on Drug Discovery

"Exploring Hidden Pockets through Induced Fit Docking"

Eliezer J. Barreiro - "Success Stories in Medicinal Chemistry"

Eliezer J. Barreiro

"SHORT-COURSE 1.Fundamentals of Medicinal Chemistry"

Ronaldo Pilli and Angelo de Fatima

"SHORT-COURSE 3. Styryl Lactones and Epothilones: Promising Natural Products for the Development of Antitumor Agents"

Madalena Pinto

"Xanthone derivatives: ´Promiscuous´ or ´Privileged´, that’s the question!"

Heloísa Beraldo

"Metal Compounds in Medicinal Chemistry"

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