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Registration fee

US$ 1.00 ~ R$ 2.00

Symposium registration

Registration fee UNTIL 08/08 UNTIL 09/30
Professor / Researcher US$ 200.00 US$ 300.00
Postgraduate students US$ 100.00 US$ 150.00
Undergraduate Student US$   60.00 US$   85.00
Professionals US$ 300.00 US$ 400.00

Short courses

The language of the courses is portuguese.

Only the people registered at the symposium can participate in the short course

The short course registration fee is US$ 35.00.


The accompanying person registration should be done in the reserved area.

It is allowed only one accompanying person per registration.

The accompanying person registration fee is US$ 60.00 until 07/31/2010 and US$ 85.00 after 07/31/2010.

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