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Getting there

From Belo Horizonte the more practical way to Ouro Preto is by the BR040 motorway, directing to Rio de Janeiro. After running about 20 kilometers into the clover leaf entry towards Ouro Preto (BR356 – the Inconfidentes highway) and follow into town.

There are two options for those coming from São Paulo capital. The first is the BR381 to the cloverleaf of Lavras. From there take the BR265 to Barbacena. This city accesses BR040 highway towards Belo Horizonte. Get in and follow Conselheiro Lafaiete the Royal Road (paved), through Ouro Branco and finally reaching Ouro Preto. The other option is to go from Sao Paulo to Belo Horizonte (BR381 - Fernão Dias motorway). From Belo Horizonte get the BR040 highway (towards Rio de Janeiro) until the interchange to Ouro Preto (Alphaville). The journey continues via BR356 (the Inconfidentes highway) to the final destination. Although the map looks a bit longer the distance is almost the same for the first alternative. This is because the BR265 is very sinuous.

From Rio de Janeiro (the capital) the path is almost entirely via BR040 and passes Petrópolis, Juiz de Fora, Barbacena until you come to Conselheiro Lafaiete. At this city, take the Royal Road (paved), through Ouro Branco to reaching Ouro Preto.

Who is in Espirito Santo must follow the BR262 to Rio Casca. From there the route is the MG329 to Ponte Nova. From there take the MG262, through Mariana reaching Ouro Preto.

Visitors from the south of Minas Gerais (northern Zona da Mata of Minas Gerais) and northern Rio de Janeiro should follow up to Viçosa (MG). From there take the BR120 to Ponte Nova. From this city the journey continues via MG262 to Ouro Preto.

For those travelling by plane must fly to Belo Horizonte - Confins Airport. There will be bus transportation from Confins to Ouro Preto. Please, register for bus transportantion if you need this to get to Ouro Preto.


Belo Horizonte - 98 Km Rio de Janeiro - 403 Km
São Paulo (via BH) - 682Km São Paulo (via São João Del'Rei) - 678 Km
Vitória - 440 Km Brasília - 860 Km
Mariana - 12 Km Conselheiro Lafaiete - 50 Km
Tiradentes - 170 Km Congonhas - 48 Km
Santa Bárbara - 85 Km Belo Vale - 130 Km
Airport Pampulha - 115 Km Airport Confins - 140 Km

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